Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cosmic Surgery selected for Foto8 Summer Show 2012

I'm Excited to announce that 'Katie' from the series 'Cosmic Surgery' has just been selected to be part of the exciting Foto8 Summer Show, 6th July -18th August 2012.

Please check out the rest of the series here.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Origami Test

First I started making origami flowers with envelopes, then I decided to use the face of the portrait to manipulate, but wasn't sure about the flower shape..

 So I created a Origami Kusudama (a full circle of star like shapes) 
And here is a self-portrait with my face as a 3d origami ball..

From the front

From the side

Pop Art - Secret Affair

Loz Taylor a Pop Artist asked me if I would like to do a collaboration with him. "A head and shoulders photo of you - as a woman having a secret affair. Think Cindy Sherman. Wigs, sunglasses, etc. You decide on the look."

Here are my test shot, now we just wait to see what Loz Taylor does with them..

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The London Art Fair

I went to the London Art Fair today and had my portrait drawn by a robot!

It did end up looking a like me mainly because of the round glasses, but it was just fascinating watching the robot put pen to paper so decisively. 

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Monique van der Steen - Ten Seconds Project

Yesterday a submission from the Netherlands came through. Photographer Monique van der Steen has created a great contribution with her matching wallpaper hiding trick. 

See her photograph and video below (make sure you watch the video!)

To see more of Monique's work go to
Join the game of hide and seek with your camera, and submit to 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Submission from Gandro on holiday in Norway

They call themselves Gandro 
All the pictures and videos were taken in norway and can all be seen on the Ten Seconds Project website,

To join in, read the rules and hide and submit

Friday, 23 December 2011

Ten Seconds Project Submissions December

I have received three more submissions in the last few days, Please take a look at them, they are all great!

I need a few more Ten Seconds from people before I can start organising the Exhibition, so if you like you work see in a gallery in London and want to have some fun, join in! (and tell all you friends)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Follow The Red Line

Recently EAGERmagazine submitted a great Ten Seconds which you can see here.

Now the lovely girls from EAGER have asked me to join their new project, 'Red Line'
"Wouldn't it be cool to connect photographers all over the world? We think so. That's why we started this quest for the longest conceptual photo series ever!" - EAGERmagazine, connecting people with a red line.

Here is my contribution:

Go to their website to see the rest of the submissions and and how to enter the project.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December Submission for the ten Seconds project

Ignacio Pérez Pérez and Fantomas the cat created some great photographs and videos for the Ten Seconds Project. To check out all his submissions go to

And to see more of Ignacio Pérez Pérez performance art go to

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Other Art Fair

Last weekend myself and my London house mate Alex Simpson shared a stand at The Other Art Fair.
It was held at the Barge House behind the OXO Tower on South Bank from the 25th-27th November.
A que was formed to get in on the 24th for the Private View and there was an excellent turn out for the rest of the weekend. I met some great people and have made lots of new contacts. A great experience for anyone to find out more about their own work and how to sell and talk to customers and galleries.
This was the first year of the fair, so it will be exciting to see what the next one will be like.

Here are some photographs from our stand.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Ten Seconds Project on Dazed and Confused

The Ten Seconds Project has been getting a lot of attention recently. Today Dazed and Confused is featuring a Q&A with me and the project. Also EAGERmagazine have featured it on the online magazine and even contributed to the project. Go check out the recent submissions!

Top left to bottom right: Alex Simpson, James Stokes, Petra Oldengarm and Jessica van der Burg and Joe Ryan.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ten Seconds Project

Today I have launched the Ten Seconds Project website. I have created it so everyone can find out more and join in with this exciting game of hide and seek with camera's.

Anyone can do it.

The 'Ten Seconds' Rules
To join in with the project there are a few things you have to do, it's all very easy and fun.

1. Get together with some friends, or you can do this on your own (which is what I did.)

2. Get two cameras, one to take the picture and the other to record the video. 
You can tape the cameras together to get them levelled and in the same position. 
A tripod is very useful and recommended, but you can get creative and use furniture or shelves.

3. Find a small space, area to hide in. 
(It is often funnier if you don't practice getting in the space before taking the picture, 
but you can always re-take the shot as many times as you like.) 

4. Press both shutters (the video first and then the self-timer) and the run to hide.

5. Once you have taken both video and photograph and are happy with them, 
send them over to me at And I will upload them on here for all to see. 

If I get enough people interested in playing this game, I will not only create an online exhibition, 
but would like to make a traveling show, (you will of course all be credited.) 

Check out the website and join in with this exciting project!

Here is the Press Release: 

The Ten Seconds Project  

Alma Haser has created The Ten Seconds Project paying homage to her childhood version of the game, hide and seek. Here is how it all began; when Alma was a child she used to play with her younger brother, Oskar. They lived in an old match factory deep in the Black Forest in Germany. Both parents were artists, and their home was extremely creative. They made handcrafted toys and allowed their children the freedom to run wild.

Alma’s father often filmed his children while they played. When she rediscovered archive footage of herself as a child it sparked the idea for this project. After watching the home video of her and her brother playing their own version of hide and seek, she decided to recreate the game with her adult self and her camera.

Now Alma is playing against herself. She chooses the hiding locations and sets up her cameras to record and seek. The new rule to the game is that she only has ten seconds before the self-timer goes off and she is caught on camera.

The Ten Seconds Project has already attracted interest from galleries, magazines and other artists. Kate Edwards the Guardian picture editor said, “Brilliant project - I really like it, and love the way you have developed it from recreating a childhood game to videoing the process. It’s really clever and I agree, could well go viral.”  

Alma has now created a website to allow other people to join in the game. She plans to start an online craze and then eventually when there are enough entries, to start a travelling exhibition. Anyone and everyone can join in; you need two cameras, one to take the picture and one to video yourself as you hide. For the rules and more information please go to or email

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Candid Arts Trust

My 'Ten Seconds' project will be showing at the Candid Arts Trust in London, from 2nd - 11th September 2011. So if you about please do go and check it out.

The Private View is on Thursday 1st September, first floor Gallery from 6-9pm and its FREE, so your all welcome. Unfortunately I wont be there in person, but I will in spirit and on the walls in my pictures!

Featuring new work by:
Alma Haser
Emma Walker
Geoff Bartholomew
Hannah O Hara
Jasmine Cooke
John Maher
Kayung Lai
Khyle Henderson
Kyle Zeto
Louisa Maxwell
Norma Walton
Oliver Watson
Olly Clarke
Rebecca Hallett
Rocio Pe Efe
Ruso Bochorishvili
Tamzin Plummer
Thomas Bacon

Open Daily
12 noon - 6pm

More information at:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Places we go

Last Summer I went traveling around Europe. I traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Haslach (my home town in Germany,) Luxemburg, back to Budapest, Spain, Copenhagen and then back to England. Spain was a very spontaneous visit, to see my Granddad and to get some sun (it had been raining the past weeks in Budapest.) My granddad and I had a few relaxing days together up in the southern mountains of Spain. One day we walked up the mountain overlooking the town of Gaucin where my grandfather lives. I took my pinhole polaroid camera he had given me a few years ago and propped it up on rocks or trees before joining my granddad for a few seconds. The polaroid film is very out of date, and that is why it has a ghostly blue tinge.

(Granddad and I, September 2010)

I decided to do the same kind of series with Pat when he visited. We went to Bath in Somerset one afternoon and took these five polaroids.

(Pat and I, August 2011)